Creativity in our kindergartens and schools can be stimulated, developed and measured. Let’s try together to create a different atmosphere focused on free expression of children’s creative potential. Get involved in training to apply a new test of potential creativity EPoC !!!

The Center for Gifted Children prepares new training for 21 and 22 January 2019 in Zagreb, and is intended for teachers, psychologists and pedagogues. The lecturer will be prof.dr. Todd Lubart, Université Paris Descartes.

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Todd Lubart

Université Paris Descartes, France

Laboratoire Adaptations Travail-Individu (LATI)

Todd Lubart is Professor of Psychology at the Université Paris Descartes, and former Member of the Institut Universiatire de France. He received his PhD from Yale University and was an invited professor at the Paris School of Management (ESCP). His research focuses on creativity, its identification and development within the multivariate, investment approach, creative potential and creative giftedness, the creative process and the effect of context on creative work. He is Director of the scientific laboratory “LATI” (Laboratoire Adaptations Travail-Individu); Todd Lubart has been in charge of several research grants on creativity (such as a study of creative giftedness) and has organized international scientific congresses on creativity. He is author or co-author of approximately 100 scientific reports (journal papers, book chapters) on creativity, including Defying the crowd : Cultivating creativity in a culture of conformity (NY: Free Press, 1995), Psychologie de la créativité (The psychology of creativity, Paris: Colin, 2003),Enfants Exceptionnels, Rosny: Bréal) (Exceptional Children). Finally, Todd Lubart, with Maud Besançon, and Baptiste Barbot is author of EPoC (Paris:Hogrefe), a new measure of creative potential in children.